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SMS Approved Games

​Welcome to the SMS Games Page!

Games are NOT allowed on SMS Library computers.

Please play only these games on other SMS computers. Choosing to play other games may lead to games being banned. Remember that school computers are for education, not games, and using them for games is a privilege.

Some games have other games linked on the same page. Sometimes those games are acceptable. Games with violence, death, sexuality, foul language, and so on are NOT acceptable. If the game violates the SMS and/or SD23 Code of Conduct, it is not acceptable. If in doubt, avoid the game.

Have fun!

Club Penguin - avoid the chat
Dust - some games linked from Dust are violent; please avoid them. No NotDoppler, either!
GEFS Online - flight simulator. Note: Click on "Fly" only. Do not sign up or provide any contact information. Remain anonymous.
Geoguessr - guess where you are in the world using Google Street View and looking for clues
Ice Breaker - stay on this game - do not go to linked games
Ice Breaker: The Gathering - stay on this game - do not go to linked games
Learn to fly - stay on this game - do not go to linked games
Motherload - stay on this game - do not go to linked games
Safe Kid Games - lots of games for kids of all ages. Stay on these games - do not follow links to other sites.

This may drive you nuts: How old is your brain?
The site instructions are in Japanese, so read below!
1. Touch 'start'.
2. Wait for 3, 2, 1.
3. Memorize the numbers' positions on the screen.
4. After the numbers disappear there will be circles left where the numbers used to be.
5. Click the circles in order from the smallest number to the biggest number.
4. At the end of game, the web page will tell you the age of your brain.
 Good luck!

If you know of any good game sites, tell Mr. Woodward via email (provide link) so he can review them and include them here if they look appropriate.