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Our Learning Story

Our Learning Story

Springvalley Middle School (SMS) is a school that services a population of approximately 450 students who come from diverse backgrounds and stories. Historically, a significant emphasis has been placed on the social-emotional aspect of a child's time at the school. As a result, the school growth plan goals have traditionally reflected this, as have the data gathered to support the goal. This was borne from the two-fold recognition that the school serves a population that includes a large number of vulnerable learners, and secondly, from the understanding that in order for any student to experience academic success, he or she must first feel safe and have their basic needs met before engaging in meaningful learning. To that end SMS has, over the years, developed a number of strategies and supports to create the foundation for effective learning. Additional goals were also developed to focus on enhancing numeracy and literacy as two critical areas of a child's educational experience.

At the start of the 2015/2016 school year, Springvalley Middle School underwent a significant restructuring as it reconfigured from a Gr. 7-9 senior middle school to a Gr. 6-8 junior middle school. This reconfiguration afforded the opportunity for the staff to revisit the school vision and what was wanted for the learners of Springvalley Middle School. As well, during the 2015/16 school year, the district adopted a new model for communicating individual school growth to the community at large. Rather than setting goals and working to meet targets as in the past, the newly adopted model is more responsive to student needs as it begins with inquiring about what is happening for the learners and in turn, informs directions for the staff of the school. Specifically, the guiding question is asked, "โ€‹What's going on for our learners?" โ€‹As such, this year has proven to be a process of both learning about the inquiry model while simultaneously engaging in the process.  Identified below is a brief visual of of the implementation plan we are following. (โ€‹cont'd below the diagram)

5 year transition rev.png
Now that we are in year two of the reconfiguration and inquiry, what follows in this plan is the narrative of where our school is, and where we are headed in support of all learners.โ€‹